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Popular Types of Patio Covers

Popular Types of Patio Covers

A wide array of patio covers is available these days with different designs and individual names. Most importantly some are fixed while a few are portable. Depending on that the materials are also chosen. Starting from metallic to wooden and fabric- a variety of materials are used for constructing these overhead shades for the outdoors.

Let’s take a quick look at the most popular patio covers that are ruling the markets—

Metallic Patio Covers

Aluminum is one of the most chosen metals when it comes to constructing outdoor awnings or gazeboes. Alumawood patio cover is a preferred material for home owners while making the patio covers. From outside, it appears as wooden but from inside, it is made of aluminum. The sturdy metal is excellent to offer cool shade and resistant to outdoor weather conditions. Users don’t have to worry about the termite attack as well.

Vinyl Patio Covers

Users can get eco-friendly vinyl material for creating the overhead covers. Usually, vinyl is made from the plastic but similar to the alumawood patio cover material, it gives a sturdy and wooden look. In fact, the overhead covers made of this material are available in different attractive colors. Homeowners have the liberty to choose accordingly.

Fabric Sun Shade Sails

The patio shade sails made of fabrics are usually portable. Users can carry the shade sail along with them during hiking or camping. This is ideal for outdoor picnics are well. Like the umbrellas, these fabric shade sails can also be installed easily with its three sides. Most of these materials are made in triangular shape.

Lattice, pergola- Wooden Patio Covers

Most contemporary houses install pergola and lattice. The ultramodern look of such patio covers is simply enticing. These patio covers look similar to that of

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